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Snoop Downward Dogg amongst the "weeds"

808 & Medit8
movement + Rap music + Meditation = dope.

Photo: Seth Beckton

"But I know y'all wanted that 808, can you feel that B-a-s-s bass?"
                   -outkast, 'the way you move'


Jermaine Dupri @ Bootsy Bellows

Join our group of Badassadors as they lead you through a variety of stimulations for the mind, body and soul set to the the drip of carefully curated beats. 


Our intention is to provide a collaborative community for hip hop fans to explore a variety of movement and mindfulness practices in order to improve health, reduce stress and gain hype for life, as well as celebrate the creative genius of rap music OGs, new Gs and innovators alike.  


Each class includes: physical and mental methods of shifting one’s consciousness to improve focus as well as create strength, flexibility and a deep awareness of the mind and body; an emphasis on breathing techniques; a coordinated playlist recommended by the teacher to get you in the groove to move; alternative movements and prop suggestions to suit every body; a calming rest or mediative pose to finish; and “Rap Snax” peppered throughout the class. 

Bangin' Beats & Peace
in the streets


Rap Snax:

Anecdotes that lend substance to sound and educate the student on the artists,

messages and history of the selected playlist.  


Rap Snax may also include tribute

and acknowledgement of pioneers of the particular movement forms as well. 

What is 808?

A drum machine called a Roland TR-808.

808’s refers to really loud

(usually high-bass) speakers,

which cause 808

(penal code for disturbing the peace).

*according to urban dictionary*

Berkel Beats

Photo: Seth Beckton
@Best Day Ever 

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