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History of Hip HOp

Comprised of four albums (East Coast/West Coast/Midwest/Dirty South), this series of videos celebrates the culture of hip hop across the U.S. as well as the science of yoga, meditation and fitness, while creating unity among these art forms and students. We will take you through mindful movements as well as provide a general history of rap music through the decades.


In each album you get:​ a mix of flows (45 mins.), shorties (15-30 mins.) and guided meditations as well as bonus features from other 808 Badassadors. 

Each class includes a recommended playlist and Rap Snax relating to the designated zone.

Who's ready?!  Click on the zone below to start - recommended order:

1. East Coast (the birthplace),

2. West Coast (G-funk you very much),

3. Midwest (meet me at the crossroads) 

and of course,

4. the Dirty South (got somethin' to say). 


It's for the North (HEY) South (HEY) East (HEY) West (HEY)
Ruff Ryders gonna show y'all [xxx] who ride the best" -

'Down Bottom',  Ruff Ryders, Drag On, Juvenile, Swizz Beats
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