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"If you want some, come get some"....."LET'S GOOOOO!" 
Trick Daddy, feat. Lil Jon & Twista



Comprised of four albums (East Coast/West Coast/Midwest/Dirty South), this series of videos celebrates the culture of hip hop across the U.S. as well as the science of yoga, meditation and fitness, while creating unity among these art forms and students. We will take you through mindful movements as well as provide a general history of rap music through the decades.


In each album you get:​ a mix of flows (45 mins.), shorties (15-30 mins.) and guided meditations as well as bonus features from other 808 Badassadors. 

Each class includes a recommended playlist and Rap Snax relating to the designated zone.

Who's ready?!


East Coast Album

East Coast Album

East Coast Album
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EC Track #1: Foundations Flow

EC Track #1: Foundations Flow

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EC Track #2: Nas Get Down Shorty

EC Track #2: Nas Get Down Shorty

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EC Track #3: ThugYin to the Old School

EC Track #3: ThugYin to the Old School

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int'l players album:

Travel.  Yoga.  Hip hop.  Inspired by the classic joint from UGK, featuring Outkast ("Int'l Players Anthem/ I Choose You"), this album takes you to the most baller places on earth for a mix of flows, shorties and guided meditations filmed on location.  


Each class includes a recommended playlist and Rap Snax relating to that location.


Pull up, player!

Ride wit me album:

Snowboard.  Yoga.  Hip Hop.  Join our community of hip hop-loving local homies as we prepare for another season of the grateful shred.  

This album includes: Five full 60-minute classes recorded live in Aspen, CO taking you through a yoga-based shred (ski and snowboard) conditioning series to prepare for the upcoming winter, as well as some basic pre- and post-shred shorties to keep you shralping with style all season.   Each class includes a recommended playlist and Rap Snax that follow an abbreviated history of hip hop. 


Whether or not you chase the pow, this album is a great way to condition the body for any activity or get in shape for life in general (hard enough sometimes).  

Look out for future videos targeting surfing, mountain biking, skateboarding and more.

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West Coast
dirty South
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